Deleted Opportunities Still Appearing in a Report

  • 27 January 2023
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We are running a report that lists the Opportunities (the courses the student is taking) attached to individual Person records (the student), filtered by a Tag (the semester in which they are studying). The Opportunity relates to them through a Custom relationship field.

The report is showing Opportunities that the student is no longer related to (because they swapped courses), even if I slap a date filter on it…

Can anyone advise what is happening, and how to ensure that only those Opps that the Person is connected to show up, please?


Best answer by Chris from Copper 27 January 2023, 22:02

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Hi @Rob Jones at ASE ,

Thank you for sharing your idea into the Copper Community!

For direct 1:1 support, I highly recommend attending the Weekly Reporting Q&A, in session, our reporting expert can better diagnose your reporting issue.

I would love to take a look in this thread as well, could you please share:

  1. Screenshot of your Reporting Insight.
  2. Screenshot of the Opportunity that should be excluded.

Additionally, I recommend waiting ~12 hours for any Copper changes to be reflected in Reports, as Reports are updated approximately 4x per day on a rolling basis.

Thank you!

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for this. 

I need to make sure that the screenshots I share do not contain any personal info.