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On my Copper Dashboard it keeps showing a calendar event for Today ( and Every Tuesday and Thursday), but the Event(s) are not on my Google Calendar.  It was initially setup as a recurring meeting by someone else through google calendar, but that recurring meeting stopped.   


When I click on the event from the dashboard, it goes to my Google Calendar and does not find it. Other events seem to be syncing correctly. 

How do I remove this meeting from showing in copper that is not in my calendar. It also ends up showing in the daily emails that I have a meeting I do not have. 


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 8 June 2023, 17:00

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Hi @QQQ, thanks for posting! It sounds like maybe the calendar sync originally synced it correctly, but did not update itself when the recurring events stopped. I’m gonna connect you with our technical team to take a a closer look. You’ll receive an email from our system, followed by a response from one of our teammates. Thanks QQQ!

What is the answer? I have the same problem. 

Thank you.