Dashboard based on email response times?

  • 6 March 2023
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Is there a way to build a dashboard or generate a report based on email response times, specifically for contacts that are in a particular project?

1 reply

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Nope. Based on your needs, you're totally looking for a proper help desk—something like Help Scout. When email response time reporting metrics are important to you, your CRM isn't exactly the right tool for that. It's more of a support team need/request.

Copper doesn't calculate any of that data or have any way to aggregate it into a report. Especially not to the granularity of people who might be involved in a particular project.

Email data in Copper isn't even accessible via the API, so you wouldn't be able to custom build something either.

Your best bet is using the right tool for the job here, which would be using a help desk, that is built for exactly this type of thing, also allowing for the granularity of filtering down by customer/tags (e.g. projects).