Creating a report listing contacts made with a certain target category of customer

Would like to periodically produce a report for our principals listing contacts/impressions made our organization’s made with a particular target audience.


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Hi @Jim D, thanks for posting!

So, when you say listing contacts/impressions, there’s two ways we could interpret it. Let me know which one is the one you’re looking for.

  1. A table of all the Companies or People of a specific audience with a count of how many Interactions your team has had with them - see screenshot below. Or,
  2. A table of all the Companies or People of a specific audience, with individual activities listed. E.g. James sent an email to someone at Copper Inc on May 24 2022.
This would be an example of #1. You could add filters for Contact Type = Potential Customer, Tag = Conference 2022, or various other criteria.


So, #1 is relatively easy to do in our reporting system - I’ll put more details at the bottom. But we are not currently able to do #2 with the full list of activities. With activity reporting, we don’t have Company-level or Person-level filters available. If that’s something you’d like to see in the future please post it as an Idea for the Product team to review.


Creating a table with interaction count

In the Copper web app, you would go to Reports > Insight Builder.

From there you’ll drag and drop data pieces into the Rows area. This would be for anything you want a column for - e.g. Company Name.

You’ll also need to drop Company Interaction Count into the Metrics area.

Remember to save. Then add the table to a Dashboard by going to Dashboards > Add Dashboard + > Start from Scratch. From there, drag and drag the table you just created.


Then you can add a filter by dragging and dropping Filter Attribute to the filter bar at the top.


Once you apply the filter remember to Save your Dashboard.

To share it with your principals, you can either export it or schedule a recurring email.


Let me know if that’s helpful!

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Hi @Jim D, did you have a chance to play around with that report? Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions. In the meantime I’m going to mark my original response as Best Answer so that others can see it easily.