Creating a closing percentage report with Lead Record Count and Customer Type issue

I’m having an issue with reporting and want to see if anyone else has this issue or maybe advice for us.

A little background. 

We use copper in a very simple way. We only use Leads and people and do not use companies, pipelines, projects, etc.  All new contacts are inputted as a lead and and assigned to salespeople based on territory. Upon making contact with the lead it is then converted to a people. Upon making a sale the people’s contact type is changed to current customer form potential customer. 

We have created a report using lead record count, lead owner, and person contact type to see how many customers a salesperson has closed in any particular time frame vs how may leads they received.

Unfortunately it is not even close to accurate as many of the leads do not show up in this timeframe even if the lead was created, converted to person and swapped to current customer all within the timeframe. 

I have compared extensively between contacts to see if there is a common denominator between the leads that show up and those that do not and I cannot find anything. This is concerning as we also use a similar report to ensure each sales rep is receiving enough leads and base our advertising on these lead numbers. If a larger a percentage of leads are not showing up in our reports that does not give us an accurate number on how well advertising is working for us.

I am including a screen grab of a current customer and the report that we are using to show where it does not show up on the report.

Any input would be appreciated!






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