Closed Opportunities with "sent proposal" as stage report

  • 30 June 2022
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Does anyone knows how to export a report with all Closed Opportunities with certain stage as filter?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 30 June 2022, 19:41

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3 replies

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Hi @LeoGon22, thanks for posting! The easiest way to do this is to simple apply a filter and export the resulting list.

  1. Open your Opportunities in list view
  2. Apply filters for Stage and Status
  3. Select all
  4. Click Export List

Here’s an example gif for steps 3 and 4:

You’ll get an email with a link to your export file.


It’s also possible to export using our Google Sheets Add-on or through Reports - these are good options if you plan on doing the same export over and over. Otherwise the normal export I explained above should be fine.


Let me know if that’s helpful!

Thank you so much Michelle! It worked great.

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@LeoGon22 awesome! I’m going to mark my first response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily. Feel free to post any other questions that might come up!