Can the display of Headline values be modified?

  • 6 December 2022
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I’m attempting to do something that I thought would be pretty straightforward.

I’d just like to create a Headline that shows what percentage of Leads are from a specific source “Client Referral”:

If I switch the primary metric to %, it just adds zeros to the end of the number rather than doing any calculation.

The “Versus” value is useful in this case, but I can’t find a way to customize it to show what percentage are “Client Referalls” and instead it displays the opposing value (how much smaller 35 is vs 1,105)

It’s technically usable but a very weird way to present this very simple KPI and I expect it to cause a lot of confusion. “So, -97% means roughly 3% of our leads are “Client Referrals?”

The fact that there are options to display in % leads me to believe I must be doing something wrong, and I am missing a setting or features somewhere… Surely this must be the case because nobody would ever want switching an integer to a percent to just add zeroes to the end?

Any helps is appreciated!

3 replies

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Hi @Matthew Long, thanks for posting! Let me dig into this with our team. I’ll post again as soon as I have more information.

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By the way, @Matthew Long, have you considered just putting a table of the % for all lead sources? Example below -

To set this up:

  1. Open up insights builder
  2. Drag Lead ID from the data picker on the left to the Metrics area. Select the checkbox for “show in %”
  3. Drag Lead Source from the data picker into the Rows area

It’s not quite the same as a single big bold headline number, but it would include the data you’re looking to show.

Regardless, I’m still looking into your original question about making that % a headline.

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Hi @Matthew Long, I’ve spoken to our team about this and unfortunately we won’t be able to set up the Headline you’re looking for. This is because we can’t feed a calculation (# leads from Client Referral / total # of leads) into a Headline.

I’m hoping the suggestion I posted above will work for your dashboard. Unfortunately I don’t have any sort of workaround that would make the % nice and big like a Headline.