Adding targets for individuals and company to show in reporting

We would love to be able to set company and individual budgets for things like total revenue per month, lead conversion, opportunity conversion etc so the reporting can show actuals to target. 

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@KmacAus, thanks for posting!

For reporting on actuals to target on revenue, we have this guide that can help you set that up.

For lead conversion targets and opportunity conversion targets, I don’t have any ready-to-go resources. But I’d like to learn more about what you’re trying to achieve here. For example, for lead conversion - you’re want to see that Rep A has converted 50 leads out of their monthly target of 100? For opportunity conversion - I’m guessing that’s the same idea but for opportunities that have been won?

Let me know if that’s the correct understanding and I can check if there’s a solution for that. Thank you KmacAus!

Seconding this request a year later. I don’t need a detailed chart like the guide offers. I’d like to simply see a target line on my bar and line charts. This seems like it should be a core part of a CRM that tracks sales.