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  • 28 April 2022
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I had initially used a multi-selection drop-down to record custom field of source… only to find out after the fact that it does not feed into Source for sales reporting - oops!


Before going into edit 1 by 1 each Opp Card, can someone please confirm that this field, with my custom sources, will in fact feed into the Source Report? Due to the 24hour delay in syncing, I can’t see the field attributes in my report now, and I dont want to spend the day editing only to find out later it doesn't feed into the Source Report.

Thank you so much!!

Summary: Does the custom data in the highlighted field below, when used in Opp Pipeline, feed into Source Reports? It’s not “drop down” but the icon/legend  is a Large dot with a smaller dot inside it. 



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3 replies

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Hi @Lexie! Thanks for posting :)

So, that default field for Source - it’s actually pulled into the reporting system by default! So it should already be available in the data list! See the pink circle below.


So to answer your question - when you start populating that Source field on your Opps, that data will get pulled into Reports! You’ll just have to wait for the refresh.


Also, you mentioned editing your Opps one by one… have you thought about using bulk edit? If you filter your list, you can then select all and apply one change to the whole batch. Here’s a gif I made for you :)


Thank you so much - Today i have made changes to that area of Sources… I imagine they will only sync at midnight so I will see my custom fields and related Opp Pipeline info tomorrow?


Thank you so much!!

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@Lexie Awesome, glad I could help! Yes, you should see them tomorrow. Technically the system refreshes twice a day (soon to be three times) so you might see it sooner. But I would just go with tomorrow for simplicity :)