Legacy Reports Activity Report - Detailed insight

  • 22 October 2021
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In Legacy Reports when viewing activities; Is there a way to get more detail or take the user to all the activities that have been completed to view them? Can I click on the meetings for a rep or other activities and be brought to a page that lists them in a view with the most recent being listed from top to bottom? 




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3 replies

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Hi @RobWoods5488, this is currently not available in Legacy Reports, but I suggest you check out the Activity Tab under the Homepage Dashboard. There, you’ll see a graph similar to the the Activity Report in Legacy Reports, but underneath you’ll see a feed of recent activities.


I’d also like to add that our product team is working on getting this available in the new Reports. We’ll post an update here in the Community as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, you can read on the latest updates for that feature in this Idea thread:


@Michelle from Copper  Any plans for the Emails to only take into consideration emails that were sent to Contacts rather than any emails sent from the Gmail inbox Copper is syncing to?

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@Delphine That’s actually the current behavior; it counts only emails that were sent to Copper contacts. Let me know if you’re seeing something different in your system.