Is there a way to apply simultaneous attribute filters as ORs instead of ANDs?

  • 22 September 2022
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I am trying to filter one of our custom reports by Source (across both lead and opportunity records), but I’m having a hard time capturing the data I’m looking for.


The source field is not always updated on the lead record, sometimes it’s not changed until the record becomes an opportunity, so I can’t only use the Lead Source filter. If the source was updated on the lead record, it’s not updated again on the opportunity record, so I can’t use just the Opp Source filter. If I use the Lead Source and Opp Source filters together, it looks for a record that was updated as a lead AND updated as an opportunity record, which returns few or no results.


Is it possible to apply attribute filters using OR logic?: Lead Source = Referral OR Opp Source = Referral

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