How do you reporting on GMail activity in your activity reports?

  • 20 December 2021
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How do you include gmail emails in your activity dashboards?  Thanks!

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Hi @lisawhall101, thanks for the question! I’ll provide some general guidance below, but if you want to talk about how to build a specific dashboard or insight just let me know the details!

Any outgoing Gmail emails that Copper syncs will count as an activity called “Email Sent” in the reporting system.

The fastest way to report on this is to use one of our Activity Dashboard Templates.

Or, if you add one of those templates, the individual Insights also get saved to your account - so you can then embed them in an existing Dashboard.

You can also build your own Insight from scratch. For that, you’ll need to choose “Activity Type” from the data picker. Then you add can a filter to specifically look at the “Sent Email” activity type.

Note, the system only counts outgoing emails right now, not emails that were received.

You can check out our Activity Reporting guide here.

Hope that helps :relaxed: