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  • 17 August 2021
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I am trying to export the current opportunities, but the reports seem to include old deleted opportunities and do not include the most recently added.  Even where I have changed the value - the report still stubbornly includes the old value.  Any suggestions on this would be most appreciated.  Thank you.

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Hi @Mike G, are you looking to export your Open Opportunities into a spreadsheet? If so, the best way to do that is through the list view of Opportunities.

  1. Open your Opportunities in list view
  2. Filter your Opportunities as needed (for example, you might want to filter for only Open Opportunities)

  3. Select all the Opportunities using the checkbox near the top left

  4. Click the three dots and then select Export List

  5. Choose Export all selected Opportunities

  6. The system will email when your export is ready.

Here’s a screenshot of where to export opportunities from list view.


You can do this through Reports, but as you have noted it doesn’t update right away; data refreshes once per day in the Reports system. If you need a quick up-to-date export, then following the steps above will be your best bet.

If you use Google Sheets, you can also use our Google Sheets add-on to export data directly into an existing spreadsheet.

Hope that helps!