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  • 5 January 2022
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When you export companies, is it possible to whittle down the number of columns in the excel spreadsheet? For example, the data table has 23 columns for websites yet the user interface only shows 1. Same with social media - there are multiple columns. Thanks!



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Hi @Jennifer Scerbo, thanks for the question!

We don’t have a direct way to select which fields you want to export. But there are two ways you can achieve similar results:

  1. Create an Insight with a table with the data you need and then export that insight to CSV or XLSX, or
  2. Export to a Google Sheet using our Google Sheets add-on, then delete any columns you don’t want. When you refresh the data in the future, it will only fetch the data for the columns you didn’t delete. This option is handy if you’re exporting on a regular basis.

There are more detailed instructions (and a video on option #2) in the thread linked below - see the first comment.

And while you’re there I recommend you give that thread an upvote. This way we’ll know to message you if we have any updates on that feature request.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Michelle,

I have a question about refreshing a report using the add-on option in a Google doc.  If I have rearranged columns in a weekly report and I use the refresh option, will the document automatically download appropriately?  Or, does it just refresh as long as you only delete columns and don’t move them around?


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@Jennifer Scerbo You can rearrange the columns and it will pull the data accordingly.

A quick tip for when you do that - the export sheet technically has two headers (row 1 and row 2). Make sure you rearrange both headers together so that your data doesn’t get mixed up. I’ll put the specifics below.

More details: the header in row 1 has the field ID that the add-on uses to pull the data. This row is hidden by default, so you may want to un-hide it before you rearrange. The header in row 2 has the front-end name of the field. When you go to rearrange them, I recommend selecting the entire column and then dragging and dropping so that all the headers in that column stay together.

Screenshot below to illustrate my point. Let me know if that helps!


Awesome; thank you!!


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@Jennifer Scerbo happy to help! I’m going to mark my original response as “Best Answer” so that others can find it easily. Let me know if any more questions come up during your export!