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  • 15 December 2021
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i am looking to understand what has been export from our Copper account by user. Any help greatly appreciated.



Best answer by Kevin from Copper 15 December 2021, 16:54

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Hi @emmet, I’ve asked my colleague to help with this question since I’m not sure about the answer. Hang tight :ok_hand:

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@emmet the support team is able to look up the following details, given a user’s email address:

  • Date and time of export
  • Record type

That is the extent of our logging. We do not have info on:

  • How many records were exported
  • Which records were exported

If you would like the support team to look up this information, please submit a ticket with this link.


Please note that admins can prevent non-admins from being to export in users settings. This option is available whenever a user is added and can be edited at any time for existing users.