Creating a Conversion Report: Team Members

Hello @Natalie from Copper and @Michelle from Copper


I have a followup question.  So I may need to change the information on the conversion report from “owner”  to “team member” or even owners and team members.  How do I change this to see the success of each team member? I have it set up as 1 user but 2 team members and may add more team members before I add more owners. I would like to see how the team member is doing on lead conversion (won/loss/abandon) but cant seem to see how to separate out the team member to view.  The advice you gave to create a conversion report was excellent and easy to follow hoping this is just an “add” to that report or a 2nd report is fine too. Also, not sure if this is important, I have manager status and I have given my assistant just member status.


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Hi @Kelly is Here, thanks for posting! And I apologize for the longer-than-normal response time; we had a long weekend up here in Canada.

Natalie’s not available to answer, so I’ll need to review what you guys had set up previous before I can make a suggestion.  In the meantime, can you answer the question below?

Now, it sounds like you have multiple people logging into Copper through the same account, is that right? If that’s the case - how do you tell who is in charge of which Leads and Opportunities? For example, do you add a tag for each Lead that belongs to Team Member A? Or perhaps you have a custom dropdown so that you can indicate whether it’s Team Member A or B? (sidenote: I would recommend a custom dropdown for this.)

How you differentiate them is important for the report, since we need to split each Team Member into their own row on the table (or their own bar on the graph).

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Thank you for your response!  No worries, hope you had a nice vacation😀


Myself and my team member have our own logins but we use the same system. We are both in charge or lead conversion equally, I just manage the account and they are assisting me.  Once a lead is converted to an opportunity we do not touch the contact anymore it is moved on to a completely different department.  We only need to know the lead to opportunity conversion rate (won/loss/abandon). 


I was not sure if I also needed to change something in my system because it shows which team member makes calls etc but when converted it all falls under me which it should not. 


I do not know about the dropdown option can you please explain further? What is the benefit of this?  if we are both working a lead equally to convert would the dropdown be upon conversion?



Thank you!