November 5th 2021 - Report refresh rate, Android app & performance improvements

November 5th 2021 - Report refresh rate, Android app & performance improvements

We’ve increased our refresh rate in New Reports, added Google Drive search and improved automated call logging in the Android App, and improved performance on our Chrome Extension, Google Data Studio Connector, and Developer API.


New Reports 


Report refresh rate 

Over the next few months, Copper will be increasing our New Reports 📊 refresh rate! We’ve already made good progress by adding an additional refresh period, and are working towards real-time updates 🔄. Stay tuned!




Search Google Drive on Android

As promised in our last release notes, we’ve made adding files from Google Drive to Copper on Android even easier!

You can save time adding valuable files to Copper by searching 🔍 for a file. Before, you had to navigate through your Google Drive folders to find and add files to Copper.


Automatic call logging (Android)
We’ve made improvements to our automatic call logging 📞 feature on Android to save you more time when logging activities

  • We can now determine if the call was answered, missed or rejected, and if the call was outgoing or incoming.

  • We’ve tightened our phone number matching rules ✅ to increase accuracy.

  • We now only log the duration ⏱️ of an actual phone conversation to increase call duration accuracy. Before, we would include the ringback tone duration.

Android Automatic Call Logging


In-app messaging (Android & iOS)

We added in-app messaging functionality into our mobile apps to notify you when our mobile app is inaccessible ⚠️ during system maintenance.


Google Chrome Extension

We’ve added the ability to “hover” over any email address 📩 in Google Calendar to bring up the contact record, the same way you can in Gmail.



  • We fixed an authentication bug 🔒 that prevented some users from accessing the Copper Google Chrome Extension after we expanded our capabilities to Google Calendar.

  • We also fixed a connection error ❌ that was preventing data from flowing from Copper to Google Data Studio.



We’ve made performance improvements to all Developer API Search/List endpoints 🔌, resulting in faster response times to requests.


Copper Community

Our community is continuing to grow, with many exciting topics being discussed. 🎉 This week - our Customer Success team has shared best practices around workflow automation and reporting dashboards. Check it out! 

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