June 4th, 2021- New in Copper

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We made improvements to Opportunity list and pipeline load times by only sending the data you need to your browser. This has a big impact on the time it takes to load.



In addition to increased performance over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing improvements to the list view experience

  • Record Navigation Options From List Views - We’ve made the two options you have for viewing a record from List Views obvious. The full page view now has it’s own icon when you hover over a record. Previously clicking the name would have taken you to the full page view. Clicking anywhere else on the row will show you the preview drawer.



We’re continuing to crush those bugs 🐞 that you’re letting us know about.

  • Bulk Email: Made a configuration change to email send confirmations quicker. Previosuly there might have been a delay between emails being sent and the confirmation email.

  • List Views: Fixed an issue where the project template badge was not displaying due to the introduction of the new preview and full page actions.

  • Reports: Resolved an issue where users navigating to Reports dashboards that no longer exist would see an infinite loading spinner.

  • Reports: Fixed an issue where some Dashboards were not loading when navigating to Reports

  • Reports: Resolved an issue where some custom fields metric data was not displaying correctly in Reports


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Noticed the “Record Navigation Options From List Views” change a few days ago and immediately preferred it to before.

Any time I’ve ever been working with someone else using Copper, they’d always accidentally click into full-page view by accident and I have tried to explain why that happens more than a dozen times over the past year alone when on client calls. This is a great UX improvement that should hopefully encourage taking advantage of the sliding pane view, and give a better end-user experience. Great work with this! Can’t wait to see what else is planned to improve the List View area :grinning: