June 17, 2022 - Text filtering, web tracking for forms, and mobile login enhancements

June 17, 2022 - Text filtering, web tracking for forms, and mobile login enhancements

This week, we started rolling out text filtering, improved our web tracking via forms, introduced a new mobile welcome screen, added some Google data access settings, and squashed some bugs.


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Text Filtering

You asked - we delivered! We are rolling out the ability to filter on free form text fields.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to filter on default or custom text fields across people, opportunity, company, project and task records. Text filtering can help you more easily locate and segment your records, and assist with importing new data into Copper.

When in a list or pipelines view, text fields that can be filtered will have a “Show Settings” option to the right. When selected, you can match text fields “exactly”, “containing”, “with any value”, or “with no value.”


Click “Filters”, then select the text field you want to filter.

In July, we will also introduce the ability to add “and” “or” and “none” options, to filter even further on text fields. Subscribe to our release notes to be notified when this becomes available!


Marketing Tools

Our website visitor tracking can now identify visitor traffic to contacts that fill out any HTML form, or select iframe forms.

Before, we only supported a select number of HTML forms, and any other forms required additional HTML class settings in the form. Those HTML class settings are no longer required.

You still need to use the App Connector to have new form fills added to Copper automatically. These new updates only layer in web visits to existing contact records.

Website visitor tracking is available for Copper Business plan customers. For more information, read our support article here.



We rolled out a new welcome screen on our iOS and Android mobile app. Fun fact - when you click on the people icons - they turn into checkmarks and fade away!


We rolled out a new setting under “Personal Preferences” > “My Preferences”. By clicking on Google Account access management link under “Account Activity Security”, users can revoke Google data access and end active sessions. Users could already revoke access to Copper from within their Google Workspace account, however we are now surfacing this setting inside Copper.


Bugs & Minor Enhancements

We fixed several bugs across our web app and mobile app.

  • We fixed a bug where the pipeline page broke for a small number of customers

  • We improved accessibility by increasing text contract on our login screen and custom fields settings page.

  • We fixed an issue where a small number of Android users trying to upload a file from Google Drive received a “this app is blocked” error message.

Plain text filtering!! No way, I never thought it'd come, this is SO incredibly helpful, thank you! So stoked to see this come through!

Hope it doesn't incentivise people to not use best practices around dropdown fields to create structure, but for filter down by title, email, etc. Is SO incredibly helpful! Woop Woop! Very excited to finally have this! 🙌🙌



Would this mean if we inputted a numerical value in a free-form text that we could then filter based on values of those free-form fields?

@alex glad you’re as excited as I am 🙌 You’re absolutely right that drop-downs are best practice for many pieces of data. The big gain here is that admins how have the ability to choose, especially for data that can’t be easily bucketed or that would otherwise end up with hundred of dropdown options.


Would this mean if we inputted a numerical value in a free-form text that we could then filter based on values of those free-form fields?

Digits/numbers can be included in your text filters. But they will be treated like characters and not as values that range from X to Y. For example, if I search for contains “40” it might give me “40”, “4000”, or “He turns 40 on June 5th.”

Here’s a gif as an example:


So if your field will only include a number, and if you need to search for a range (e.g. 1 to 1000), then I strongly recommend you use a Number field instead of a Text Field for it. But if that field will include information that needs to be entered free-form, then it may make sense to have it as a Text Field and use the new Text Filters on it.

Question, is this still coming to the “custom text fields” and just hasn’t rolled out yet?

Right now, only seeing it pop up for some system fields:


@alex It should be available on custom text fields now! Just make sure you have filters enabled for those custom text fields.


If you enable the filters and still don’t see it then we’ll need to get our technical team to take a look. Let me know if that’s the case!