July 30th, 2021 - New in Copper

We have some exciting things that we’re working on to take our Google integration even further so this release note is a little lighter than our last few.  We’re excited to share with you what’s coming over the next couple of months!!! 🚀

Did you know that we have an Ideas section in the community where you can chat with us directly about new ideas that you would like to see in the Product?  You just have to be logged in to see it.  We love the engagement we’re seeing there already but would always love to hear from you more.

Onto the release notes...


We’re continuing to make improvements to your experience in Copper.

  • Projects: Previous and next buttons for Projects

    • The new previous and next buttons will be displayed at the top of the project board view and project templates.  Users will now be able to navigate between projects and/or templates without having to go back to the list view.


We’re continuing to crush those bugs 🐞 that you’re letting us know about.

  • Projects List View Navigation: Fixed a couple of issues related to navigating from a project board view back to the Project List View.  Prior to this change, users would be returned to the top of the list of projects, rather than their previous position in the list and the row would not be highlighted

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