July 2nd, 2021 - New in Copper


We’ve continuing to improve the platform usability.

  • List View Improvements: Return to the Previous Position in List View

    • When navigating from a specific position within the listview to the record details page and back to the listview, the system will return me back to where you were in the list and the row will be highlighted for visibility.

      • This also applies to filtered lists as well.

  • List View Improvements: Highlight Applied Filters from the List of Filter Options

    • When viewing filters that have been previously selected, those filters will be highlighted so they stand out as "selected".

  • List View Improvements: Combine "Back" Arrow with Entity Title 

    • The back arrow and entity name are now one button that can be selected or clicked in navigating back from the record detail page to the list view.

  • List View Improvements: Update the Names Across entities with Underline

    • The name field across entities (Leads, People, Company, Projects, Tasks) will show an underline when mousing over the name. This is to improve the discoverability of click states within the list.

  • Email Sequences: Include Outfunnel Performed Activities In Activity Counts

    • When we generate the Performed Activities Report/Dashboard, we were not looking at records owned by end-users in a company, therefore they were being excluded.  With this fix, we will now include the count of these activities and link them to the company record that the users are associated with.

  • Email Sequences: You can now define Email Sequences recipients with Opportunity tags.

    • Email Sequences now support sending email campaigns to segments defined with Opportunity tags. For example, if you set up a Workflow Automation that adds a tag when an opportunity is moved to a new stage, then you can have Email Sequences trigger automatically.

  • Reports: Provisioning Feedback Page

    • New Users and Accounts now see a page informing them that Reports are being provisioned for them and to check back later


We’re continuing to crush those bugs 🐞 that you’re letting us know about.

  • Search: Search Not Specific to Area Selected

    • When the user is on the search results page, and then enters new search terms into the search bar, the radio button should be reset to the Everything toggle, to reflect the actual search results shown

  • Mobile: Clicking Reply in Copper links opens the dashboard in the mobile app

    • When using mobile and clicking a Reply in Copper link, the mobile apps were opening the dashboard instead of the task. With this fix we now have delivered the expected behavior and both iOS and Android apps are opening the task when the link is clicked.

  • Mobile: After converting a lead on the Android mobile app and clicking back the lead does not appear converted

    • After converting a lead on the Android mobile app, if the user clicked back they would see the Lead was still in the list and did not appear converted. With this fix the Lead will no longer appear in the list and will have been converted as expected.

  • Mobile: Primary Contact remains required even if set to "None" in web app

    • When you set the creation or edit rule to "None" in Opportunities, it's expected to reflect in iOS as well, however, iOS is persistent on making the "Primary Contact" required. With this fix iOS will respect the rule and no long persist “Primary Contact” as required if it is not.

  • Mobile: User is forced to log in using Google instead of Email and Password combo

    • When clicking to log in with email on the iOS mobile app, if the email address is recognised as a gmail email address the SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE authentication flow is triggered. The expected behavior is that the email and password can be used to login. This fix delivers the expected behavior which is consistent with the web app.

  • Mobile: The keyboard is not dismissed on the iPad

    • When saving a task the keyboard on the iPad remains open. This fix now hides the keyboard when the task is saved.

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