January 14th 2022 - Bulk email attachments & mobile app enhancements

January 14th 2022 - Bulk email attachments & mobile app enhancements

This week, we’ve introduced attachments in bulk emails, new mobile app features, and the ability to turn off the Chrome extension’s Gmail spotlight feature.


Attachments in bulk emails 📎

You can now attach files when sending bulk emails! To learn more about how to send bulk emails, visit our support page.

You can now attach documents when sending bulk emails



Mobile app landscape mode and drag & drop ↩️

Opportunity pipelines are now compatible in landscape mode! Now, you can see more stages in your view, and reduce your need to scroll. You can now also drag and drop your opportunities to move them down your pipeline - saving you time!

Mobile app: turn clockwise to see pipelines in landscape mode. Drag and drop opportunities to move them to the next stage.


Disable Gmail Spotlight feature 🔦

Last month, we announced our new Gmail Spotlight feature, which contextualizes your emails, with visual cues to indicate which emails are related to Copper items for immediate clarity.

If you’d prefer to turn this feature off, you can head into the Chrome Extension’s settings and check “Turn off Gmail Spotlight.”



Bugs 🐞

We fixed an issue on our iOS mobile app, which caused no results to be returned when searching on Opportunities.

This is wonderful! We’ve been waiting for this feature for a while. I’m wondering if we will ever be able to put graphics in bulk emails. Like our logo?

Hi @Eliesha, glad this feature will be useful for you! Regarding images in bulk emails, the team has had some preliminary discussions but I don’t have any solid update for you at this time. If you post it as an Idea that would help us push it onto the roadmap :slight_smile:

Congratz Great Idea to have a update section!!

@FLB yes, our team posts an update every other Friday! I recommend you subscribe to the product updates section:slight_smile: