December 3rd 2021 - Calendly integration and a new SMS activity type

December 3rd 2021 - Calendly integration and a new SMS activity type

Release Notes


Marketing Tools


Calendly integration 📅

We’ve recently added Calendly’s popular appointment scheduler to our App Connector functionality in Marketing Tools! With this integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Have new contacts automatically added to Copper when they request a meeting

  • Map meeting submission fields to Copper fields

  • Create new activities automatically, and update in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling (coming soon).

The integration requires a Copper Business subscription, and a Calendly Professional or Teams subscription.




Default SMS Activity Type 📱

We’ve introduced a new default activity type called “SMS” for all customers!

The new default SMS Activity Type

The new SMS default activity type will be used by an Assisted SMS Logging feature that we’re introducing to our Android and iOS mobile apps in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!



  • We’ve resolved an issue where users are intermittently logged out of Copper.


Copper Community

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Why is the Calendly integration only available to the highest pricing tier?

Should we expect future integrations to only be added to the Business tier?


I’m trying to understand the pricing tier rationale for this integration. It’s very similar to the Wufoo forms integration, which is included in Professional as well as Business.

Our president would really like this new integration but your support and the support at Calendly is saying it doesn’t exist. What is going on? Is it only available by using Zapier? I thought our account was business level so I thought it would be available to us or that at least your support would point that out. Thanks. 

Hi @bkelly, it’s available in Business because it’s powered by our "App Connector" feature within Marketing Tools.

As an alternative, Copper offers our own Meeting Scheduler (available on all plans) or you could also use Zapier to integrate Calendly with Copper - that’s how how our Wufoo integration is powered.

Hi @amalia, I’ve just looked at your account - you’re on the Professional tier. So you won’t have direct access to this integration, but you do have option to use our meeting scheduler or to integrate using Zapier.

If you were on Business (or if you decide to upgrade), you would be able to access it from Marketing Tools > App Connector > Meeting Scheduler.

I’ll connect with our support team about how they speak to the new Calendly integration. I appreciate the feedback!

Hi @bkelly, it’s quite common for some technically more complex or third-party integrations to only be available as part of higher price tiers. 

We’re a data connection tool that offers deep integrations of sales and marketing data. For example you could integrate Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Calendly, Wix forms and many others tools with Copper. 

Also hello @amalia. If you wanted to use Calendly but didn’t want to change your plan right away, I’d suggest connecting Calendly via Outfunnel rather than Zapier. I’m biased but it really is much easier to set up and use. You can learn more about our Copper-Calendly integration here