Copper wrapped 🎁: 2021 Product round-up

Copper wrapped 🎁: 2021 Product round-up

Can you believe 2022 is almost here!? It’s been an exciting year here at Copper, and we’re taking a look back at some of the year’s key feature releases driving value for our customers.

Let’s look back on the top releases of 2021 🥳 


Make magic happen with Copper in your Google Calendar 

We must say, this product update had us over the moon🌛 The Copper Chrome extension integrates with your Google Calendar so you can instantly contextualize every Calendar event, add new meeting attendees to Copper with one click, and make sure you’re prepared for every meeting. No need to break your workflow by switching between tabs ✅ Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Google Calendar with the Copper Chrome extension.


Level up your marketing efforts with Marketing Tools

We launched Marketing Tools to help you better engage with your leads and customers 💪 With marketing tools, you can create contacts from web form submissions, send automated personalized emails to your customers, track customer engagement on your website, and optimize opportunities with lead scoring 🔥 Marketing Tools are available on our Business plan.


Gather insights to grow your business with our new Reports

In 2021 we dropped a major Reports release 💣 to help you better gather and analyze your business insights. Supercharge 🔌 your business with these reporting features: 

Reports are available on our Professional and Business plans. 


Do business from anywhere with Copper’s mobile app

Our team focused lots of energy on getting you up and running no matter where you are with new mobile app functionality this year. Never miss a beat with these mobile features 📲 


But that’s not all she wrote… here are just a few of our community ideas we’re working on for 2022:


Make sure you’re getting the most out of Copper as we head into the new year! We look forward to taking on the new year with you, our wonderful customers 💖


The team at Copper

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