Coming soon: Renaming Opportunities to Pipelines inside Copper

Coming soon: Renaming Opportunities to Pipelines inside Copper

In an effort to continue improving the Copper user experience, next month (March 2022) we’ll be renaming Opportunities to Pipelines inside Copper’s main navigation.

Opportunities will become Pipelines inside Copper’s navigation

This renaming will allow for a more intuitive experience for new customers to learn where to create their first pipeline.


What will change for current customers? 


The good news is, not much! The only change current customers will see is the renaming of Opportunities to Pipelines in the main navigation. If you’ve changed the name of Opportunities in your Copper account, the opportunities themselves will retain that name, however the name in the Copper menu will now be Pipelines for all customers. Your current pipelines will not be impacted 👍 


Stay tuned for the official announcement. We’ll let you know when the change has been rolled out.


This change totally makes sense as we find ourselves using the “Pipelines” section for many different internal processes :ok_hand:

So if this is renamed Pipelines are the individual items still called an opportunity?

@Kevin that’s correct - the individual entities will still be called opportunities. The exception is if you have renamed Opportunities to something else, in which case the individual entities will remain whatever you renamed them to.

Hope that helps!

What if we have chosen to rename “Opportunities” to “Cases” because this fits better within our business model. Will the menu to the right now say “Pipelines,” or can we maintain it to say “Cases”?


Hello, @Susan Carr  - The menu bar will change to say “Pipelines.” But the individual records inside will still be called “Cases” (or whatever you renamed “Opportunities” to).

Any chance that this update will also include the ability to set a company-wide, default Pipeline? 🤞

@bkelly to clarify, do you mean a default Pipeline for when you’re creating an opportunity? If that’s the case, that’s not part of this release but I can give a gentle nudge to the product team about it. (I saw that you had commented/upvoted on the Idea thread for it)

@Michelle from Copper bingo! Every time I convert a lead to a company + person + opportunity I need to change each drop-down for Contact Type (Person) and Pipeline (Opportunity, er, now Pipeline). I’ll add this screenshot to the Idea thread, also.

Remove Copper Pipeline Default or allow disable/change feature, rearrange pipelines - Idea »

click, click, click, click


@bkelly That screenshot is super helpful. I was going to add it to the Idea thread but saw that you already did that! :blush: I’m also going to send it directly to the product team.

Will there be any downstream impacts to 3rd party software like Zapier?  We have several integrations that use “Opportunity” within Zapier to either create an opportunity or uses a stage change as the trigger to for other Zapier actions.   

Hi @asmith, great question. The change only affects the label in the purple sidebar. So any connections you might have (such as Zaps) will not be affected.