Activity reporting templates and custom insights now available in Copper 🥳

Activity reporting templates and custom insights now available in Copper 🥳

You asked, and we listened! We’re happy to announce activity reporting templates and custom insights are now available to our professional and business plan account admins 🎉

With our new activity reporting templates and custom insights builder, you can quickly and easily see the deals in play to help measure success, keep your team motivated and important processes flowing smoothly.


Activity reporting will help you: 

  • Keep your team happy and energized by recognizing team members doing great work, and motivating them with targeted and constructive coaching.

  • Get visibility into your team’s day-to-day activities so you can measure success and better identify opportunities — no need to dig through a clunky spreadsheet. 

  • Understand the activities driving success so you can build scalable team processes that keep deals moving forward and help nurture key relationships. 

  • Easily identify high-value clients, ensuring your most important relationships are receiving the attention they deserve.


And the fun doesn’t stop there 👉


Time zone support

We’re meeting you where you are with our new time zone support. Reports will now timestamp in the account owner’s set time zone instead of UTC. No more mental time zone conversions necessary 👌


Report refresh rates

Over the coming months, Copper will be working to increase our New Reports refresh rate! We’ve made good progress so far by adding additional refresh periods and we’re continuing to work towards real-time updates 🔄 Keep an eye out for more info. 


Get moving with activity reporting

If you’re ready to dive deeper into activity reporting templates and the custom insights builder, check out our reporting best practices article available on Copper Community. 


Activity reporting is only available on the professional or business plan. To learn more, reach out to our sales team at


We look forward to hearing what you think about activity reporting!

Super excited for this feature! Tagging all our Community members who have previously asked about this - 

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Let us know your thoughts of if you have any questions. :)

 @Michelle from Copper 

Excited about this update but am wondering if future iterations will feature a way to filter activity type beyond just email/meeting/phone call. Would be interesting to see, especially from a seller perspective, specific activity types (I.e. meetings that are internal related to a specific project, vs. meetings w/ an existing client vs. demo’s/pitches with potential clients,etc) related to specific clients or specific account holders.

Additionally curious to know if there is a way to have Copper understand from the way it currently tracks by linking to inboxs/calendars or perhaps there is a way to add custom tags to activities for teams to specify what data they’re interested in (pitch, internal meeting, etc). 


Either way, excited for what’s to come as Copper continues to grow!

@KatieK, those are some great questions! I think I understand the first item you mentioned - it’s like activity reporting, but filtered based on traits of the records they’re associated with. So I could pull a list of activities related to People whose Contact Type is Current Customer. Did I get that right?

The second item sounds interesting but I don’t think I fully understand. It sounds like it relates to the ability to surface relevant activities to certain teams. Would you mind giving me an example?

These details help me determine who on the product team I should send these to.

Thanks so much for your input Katie!

@Michelle from Copper 

Thanks so much for your reply!

Apologies for any confusion - will do my best to be really specific here:

In my role I support our business development team with mainly reporting - being pretty granular on how we’re tracking and reporting against overall revenue goals, specific seller goals and the activity of the sales team.

The current Copper activity reporting shows the activity count (emails/calls/and calendar events) by Owner or Type, which is great to see however, is a bit vague. Specifically for meetings, I’d like to see the count of meetings that were for pitches or internal status meetings or external meetings w/ clients, that could be linked to and filtered by both specific opportunities and specific owners. This way we can get a good look at each seller’s stats: how many of those meetings led to actual pitches of work, and from those pitches lead to deals.

In the second paragraph of my original post I was merely ideating ways that this could potentially happen (though I’m definitely not an engineer so please take my ramblings w/ a grain of salt):

  • could the existing integration with Gmail be updated to further filter activity count by differentiating between meetings w/ internal emails only and meetings that include an external email (ie a clients). 
  • could a checkbox or custom tags be added to manually delineate between these activity categories? Example: when setting up a meeting you can add a tag that says “pitch”, “client meeting”, or “internal” so at the end of a quarter you could look and see ok this Owner had 30 client meetings related to potential business, 18 pitches, and from that 9 won deals. 

Not sure what the best way to do this would be, but appreciate you and the team for noodling w/ me on it!