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[eBook] 2021 State of CRM Reporting Survey

  • 2 August 2021
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[eBook] 2021 State of CRM Reporting Survey
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We know that, in theory, CRM reporting tools can provide an accessible yet sophisticated view of your business—but it’s telling that SMBs haven’t found this functionality effective or reliable.

Excel! 54% of individuals still rely on Excel for help tracking business health, testament to the continued ubiquity of the Microsoft product—despite the inconvenience of the extra steps, manual input and spreadsheet burnout.

Across the board, it’s clear that CRM reporting has a lot of room for improvement. But a big takeaway here is that not every CRM is created equal. Some CRM systems offer more robust reporting features than others.

This functionality can include:

  • Pre-built reports templates you can use to start reporting instantly
  • Customizability to create your own insights around company specific goals or metrics
  • Cloud-based software with mobile access for on-the-go tracking, keeping data synced and up-to-date for accurate insights on demand

By leveraging a CRM system to analyze and report on the right data, you can gain a solid picture of things like your sales pipeline, opportunities that are being nurtured and current lead generation efforts.


Want to know what other SMBs are thinking about reporting?

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1 reply

Copper or any other CRM may be challenging but feasible for your specific requirements. For different kinds of services like banks, hospitals etc, you must create different fields. A bank would therefore become a pipeline, and another pipeline would be a hospital. The number of fields that can also be created may be limited depending on the subscription. Searching, reporting and other things are possible. I would recommend, however, also considering a different approach. There are tools that give you an outstanding experience, but web applications.