How do I delete a pipline?

  • 31 January 2023
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I want to delete a pipeline, but, when I go to delete it, it says there are opportunies in it. I have everyone as either won, lost or abandoned. Is there something else I need to do to remove them from the pipline in order to delete it?


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Hi @AmyLynne, thanks for posting! When you mark an opportunity as won/lost/abandoned, it still technically exists in the pipeline. So you need to either move those into a different pipeline or completely delete them.

To delete them, open your pipeline in list view, select all, go to the three dots near the top, and select Delete. But I recommend you do an export of it first so that you have a copy of it for future reference.


It’s a similar process to move them to a different pipeline, but you click the pencil icon near the top to do a bulk edit.


Hola, question re the inability to delete a pipeline if there are Won/Lost/Abandoned Opportunities within it. If you have a product that ceases production (for example) and therefore the pipeline is defunct, if you delete the recorded opportunities then surely reporting etc will be inaccurate. The product disappears but the previous clients and revenue generation doesn’t. It may not be possible/relevant to move the opportunities toa still live pipeline. Keeping inactive pipelines visible for reporting purposes seems very inefficient and exporting the data not a suitable option (where do you export it??)- can anyone suggest a solution please.

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Hi @Upsticks Support, thanks for posting! You are correct that you can’t delete a Pipeline without first deleting all the Opportunities inside it, including any that were marked as Won, Lost or Abandoned. So if you want to keep the data that’s inside a Pipeline for reporting purposes, you will need to keep that Pipeline active. You can edit the name of the Pipeline to indicate that it belongs to a defunct product. But aside from that, we don’t have a workaround that allows you to store the data in that Pipeline while also hiding it from view.

I recommend you upvote this idea thread so that we can notify you in the future if our team adds an “archive” feature.

Aside from that, you can export the data as you mentioned. That data would live in a spreadsheet, which you can reference later for reporting purposes. Of course, this report would be entirely separate from any you create from within Copper.

Let me know if that helps!

So I did all the things you said above. Can you explain how to delete the pipeline?