Zendesk CSAT scores integrate into Copper Customer record

  • 23 August 2022
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We would like to have our customer CSAT scores from Zendesk integrate/post into a field in Copper. Has anyone done that? Is this integration possible? 

2 replies

I think it’s possible, it’s a matter of setting a trigger correctly, connect it to a webhook (eg from Zapier or Make) and update Copper.

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Hi @Jodi! Our native Zendesk integration doesn’t work with CSAT scores, but as @andres-at-connex mentioned there might be ways to build this connection.

Usually, the first place I check is Zapier - this is a no-code automation platform. It looks like Zendesk has a Zapier connection, however it doesn’t look like they have a trigger specifically for “New CSAT Score.” Otherwise, it would be fairly straightforward to set up this automation.

So, I recommend you speak with someone who can help you figure out the specifics. We can refer you to a professional service provider if you fill out this form.

If you’re willing to get a developer to build you something from scratch, they can create an integration using our developer API. This would be the most customizable option, but it would also be the most expensive.