Zapier Playbook: Create messages in Slack Channels based on Pipeline - further customization

  • 8 February 2022
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I just tested out using the Zapier integration to create messages in Slack when we win an Opportunity in Copper and it’s awesome! I have a further question, how do I further customize it? Within a pipeline, I want to alert  certain people when an opportunity is won based on when a specific custom field is selected, is this possible?

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6 replies

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Hi @Gili, glad you found it helpful! All the credit goes to @Scott from Copper - he’s the one who made the Zapier playbooks :slight_smile:

As for your question:

Within a pipeline, I want to alert  certain people when an opportunity is won based on when a specific custom field is selected, is this possible?

Yes, that is possible! What kind of custom field is it (e.g. dropdown, text field, etc)? Also, did you want to notify those people through Slack? Another option is to create a Copper Task for as kind of notification.

Just let me know and I can give you a more specific answer :thumbsup:

HI Michelle.

I would like to notify them via Slack. The custom field is a multi dropdown.

Thank you,

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Hi @Gil , Zapier would be perfect solution to create Slack notifications. Unfortunately it is not possible to capture the multi-select values from a Copper through a Zap trigger, this requires a custom API endpoint. Three60 Connect has the ability to capture the multi-select fields in a Custom Integration. Feel free to connect for a free discovery to see if we can help. 

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 @Gili ah, unfortunately multi-select dropdown is one of the only field types that Zapier can’t read. @Jaco Koppelaar is correct that it would require some custom setup to have it work in Zapier.

Another option is to use Copper’s native Workflow Automation to create a task to notify those users. Unlike Zapier, the native workflow automation can work with multi-select fields.

If you need the notifications to go through Slack, you can get Zapier to send a Slack message based on the task that Copper’s workflow automation creates.

The setup would work like this:

  1. Get Copper’s workflow automation to create a task called “Notification: ” whenever an opportunity is marked as Won and also contains a certain multi-select dropdown.
  2. Get Zapier to send the Slack notification based that task.

This is what the workflow automation in Copper would look like:

In this example, Neighborhood is a multi-select dropdown field.


Then you can set up a Zap that looks like this:

In plain language, this Zap says:

Whenever a new Task is created in Copper, check if its name contains the words “Notification” and “Leslieville” (Leslieville is the multi-select dropdown option). If it contains both those words, send a DM in Slack to X user.


The setup is not ideal, but unfortunately we do have to work around the fact that Zapier cannot directly read multi-select fields.


Let me know whether that was helpful or confusing. :sweat_smile: Often it’s easier to go through this live with a person, so maybe check out these live sessions we offer:

Thank you, I will definitely explore this more with a one-on-one session :grin:

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@Gili awesome :) Kevin, who hosts those sessions, is incredibly knowledgeable so you’re in good hands!