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I’ve integrated Copper with Xero. However, for some companies (in Copper) the invoices are not showing up. There are cases where the name of the company is exactly the same. I’d like to understand what names that I need to ensure are the same between Copper and Xero so that the invoice will show.

Is it ensuring the name of the company is the same between the two platforms? Do I need to ensure at least one of the contacts are in Copper is also in Xero?

Some guidance on how to ensure all the companies reflect the respective in Xero would be appreciated.




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Hi @RoydenH,

Copper pulls in from Xero all invoices  associated with the email addresses of all people related to that company (not the name of the company)

As such I believe if you ensure that the emails (for the people under a company) are setup correctly in both Copper and Xero, the invoices should then be automatically  be pulled in by Copper correctly.

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Hi @RoydenH, thanks for posting!

@Harsh has it right - the invoices are associated with Companies in Copper based on the email address(es) of the People that are associated with it. So you’ll need to make sure that the Xero invoices are associated with an email address that belongs to a Person in Copper, and that that Person is associated with the right Company. More details in this help article.