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  • 10 November 2022
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I have connected Gmail to Xero but cannot see a way of connecting Copper to Xero. 

What I would like to do is set it up so that invoices sent directly from Xero appear on the activity log of the person receiving the invoice. Is it possible to do this? Thanks!

7 replies

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This is definitely possible, but it'd be through a custom integration.

We've built the following integrations for customers for QBO and Xero:

1. When an opportunity changes stages, it creates the contact within the accounting software, generated an invoice and sends it out.

2. When the invoice is sent out, that invoice info and link is logged as an activity within the company (person and potential opportunity) record

3. When payment is made, that payment information is logged as an activity within the company (person and potential opportunity) record

That was, from right within the Copper activity feed, you can see how many invoices have been generated, and payments made, right inline along with all your other business activities like calls and emails.

Even just actually created a landing page for Copper to Xero integrations. Though it is a custom integration, not something that you can get out of the box with Copper.


Thanks Alex, that’s most helpful! I actually only use the People and Companies sections of Copper. So can invoices from Xero only appear via the Pipelines? That seems to be what you’re saying, since I can’t see a Copper integration within Xero itself. Ideally I would like to sync Copper with Xero, so that any contact changes in either app are reflected in the other (including the addition of invoices etc.)

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Glad to help! And you can do that (again, all of this would be a custom integration, it doesn't come natively with Copper). With the Opportunities example, I was more speaking to how we've done it for our customers, but with a custom automation, you could really do most things that fit your specific process.

My example was talking about how the invoice would be triggered to be created, not where it would show up. Creating an invoice without an opportunity might just be a bit strange, only because, triggering when in the process you'd want that invoice to be created would add a bit of complexity. We've just found that triggering an invoice to be created when an opportunity moves to the next stage in the process, is an ideal way to do it. It's not the only way.

If you want invoices/payments created in Xero to simply create an activity on that person/company record when created, that's absolutely possible as a custom integration. If you want core updates to a contact record to be updated within Xero from Copper, that's possible (though there are some asterisks here: determining which fields changing in Copper can trigger an update to happen within Xero is a bit more complex).

And then the reverse of that, there is some complexity. Xero only allows for triggering an automation when contacts are created, not when they are simply "updated" (e.g. email changes or a person's name spelling changes). So this would have to be more of a one-way sync from Copper primarily, but a sync from Xero to Copper could work for the initial creation of a contact within Xero (just not when contact details are updated in Xero directly).

All I'm saying is there's a lot of nuance here when building a custom integration. There's some API limitations in Xero/Copper that likely won't allow you to have it exactly how you'd like it, but we could get a solid solution working that fits your core needs, if there's a large enough time savings available from building this out.

Hope this helps set better expectations on functionality/feasibility.

Feel free to request pricing on your site if you think there's a large enough time savings to be had from building this out.


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@rmwilko have you had a chance to look at our native Xero integration? Essentially, it adds a section on each Person/Lead that shows the Xero invoices they are associated with. Here is a screenshot:

And if you click on any of the listed invoices, it will open up the full version in Xero for you.

Our native integration is a little different from what @alex is describing because it does not create the invoice for you automatically. Rather, it gives you a convenient place within Copper to quickly check the invoice status or open up the full version. I recommend giving our native integration a try (it’s free!). From there, you can determine whether the visibility it gives you is enough, or if you need more powerful automation like Alex suggested.

Thanks Michelle, that’s most helpful! I have set it up now. It doesn’t appear on the mobile version but I’m not worried about that, it’s good to have it on the desktop version though. Is this native integration something that’s available with the Basic package or only with an upgrade? 

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Ah yes! I read that a bit too literally, where they asked for the invoices and payment to sync to the activity feed. What @Michelle from Copper recommended is a super easy and quick win for viewing this data right from within Copper (it works for QBO too)!

The other pieces of contact syncing, invoice generation, or viewing in the activity feed I think can come if you find the native integration is useful and you want to build more on-top of it.

Totally agree that it would be cool for the native Copper integrations to show up on Mobile, you should create an idea for it here, I’ll happily upvote it and I’m sure many others in the community would enjoy it as well!

And I would expect it to require the professional tier based on the pricing here, as it would be the same as QBO (though Xero does seem to be missing from that list):

Basic on left, Professional on right


Maybe @Michelle from Copper could chime in on this piece?

EDIT: Doesn’t seem to be supported on the “Basic” tier:

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@rmwilko, our Xero integration is available with Professional and Business tier of Copper as @alex. So you wouldn’t be able to have it on the Basic version. However, if integrations are important to you then I would definitely recommend Professional over Basic anyways, since it opens up a lot more possibilities to connect your different platforms.