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Hi all!
I have a query regarding one of the features of Copper. I see my won opportunities (along with their value) and win rate being displayed on the Company level in Copper in some sort of a line graph(as you can see in the attachment). But I want this feature to be extended to the People (User) level.
I cannot see this option being displayed on the People level. I tried reading the API documentation to see if there could be some tweaks in order to display this through API but couldn’t find any.

Can someone please help me with this request?


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This doesn't exist and would have to be done via Copper's product, not the API. And I agree, it would be helpful to see it at a person-level. Many of our customers don't use companies (more B2C), so being able to see the same on the person record would be quite helpful.


Also with the single company restriction per person, it would make that experience a bit better since you can see insights in a different way natively.

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Hi @rakhiar, thanks for posting! As @alex said, that’s not a feature we currently have. But if you’d like, I can convert this thread to an Idea for the product team to see. At that point I’d also edit the title to make it more suggestion-y (but I’d keep a copy of your original title too). Let me know if that’s ok!