Webhook for notes update or created inside task.

Hi Team,

I was working with the provided postman for setting up webhooks  . There is a notes inside task creation / or updation but i didn't find anything for notes to get info via webhooks .  

Thanks for the help.


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 28 July 2022, 17:57

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Hi @Jeenesh, thanks for posting! Sounds like you’re looking for a way to use webhooks to retrieve notes that are associated with a task. I don’t have the answer for this so I’m going to ask my team. I’ll post again once I have an answer.

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Hi @Jeenesh! So, for a webhook you would have it fire for any new activity and filter it based on Activity Type = Note, and for Task as the related record.

I hope that helps! If you have any follow-up questions, it’s best to reach out to our technical team using the chat option in the web app.


Many Thanks @Michelle from Copper ,


Hi @Michelle from Copper  I have tried it as you can see bellow request body type = note but I did’t workout as well 


  "target": "",

  "type": "note",

  "event": "update",

  "secret": {

    "secret": "hook_source",

    "key": "copper_notifications"



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Hi @Jeenesh, can you send a message to our technical support team though the in-app chat? Unfortunately I’m not equipped to help you with that exact webhook. But also, the team may need to check on some other things to help you troubleshoot.

You’ll see the pink chat icon in the lower right corner when you log into Copper. Thanks so much Jeenesh!