Webhook documentation: What counts as "Update" event?

  • 8 July 2022
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Hi there

i want to capture certain “update person” events. question: what counts as an update on a “person” record? i.e. do changes to “interaction” count or “inactive days” also count as update?


and: is it possible to capture only updates to particular fields on a person record?


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Any field changes to the person record would count as an update to the "person" record.

Interactions and inactive days don't count as "updates" to the person record.

Think of Inactive Days and Interactions as a metric that is calculated based on activities of a person record (a separate entity), not actual changes/updates to the person record itself.

Also, you can't do a webhook that only triggers when a specific field is updated, but what you can do, is simply filter it out if said field you are looking to have updated is not updated (or rather, filter out unless the specific field is updated to the specific value(s) you're looking for. Works best for dropdown fields, tags, multi-select dropdowns, etc.

Now Copper will pass along in their webhook the prior field value for a few system fields (there's a small handful) like Opportunity "Status" or "Stage", Lead Status, "Contact Type" for people.

But yeah, you'd have to do more of a "filter out if XYZ wasn't updated, and only continue if ABC was updated".

To get a bit more nuanced, a tip we use is appending a tag in this instance (or else you might find yourself in a circular loop any time any other field is updated).

For example, say when you want to trigger an automation (create person in QuickBooks Online) when a specific field is set to something, let's say "Contact Type = Current Customer". I'd recommend to also add a tag unique to that action being completed, e.g. "Added to QBO", then filter it out if it already contains the tag in future people updated triggers. That way you won't get looping automations happening every time a field is updated on that entity (person record).

I could be slightly wrong on some of the granular bits, but this is what I have from memory after using Copper's API extensively across easily 500+ automations over the past 7+ years across dozens of customers 😅