Update company on Person via API? does not seem to take affect

  • 8 October 2021
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so i’m calling update on a Person.


When i do so, I get a 200 OK back, but the return record still has None for company_name/company_id. I know these are correct, if i enter in the web front end it populates.

Other fields I update work, just not this one.


I cam trying both with and without the emails (and also w/, w/o name, id). Same affect:


{'id': 77886699, 'name': 'XXX', 'company_name': 'XXX', 'company_id': XXX, 'emails': [{'email': 'XXX@XXX', 'category': 'work'}]}

{'id': 77886699, 'name': 'XXX', 'company_name': 'XXX', 'company_id': XXX }


I have also tried just company_name and just company_id, all do the same thing. No error, no update.


the fields are as here


any suggestions? Only ‘name’ is marked as a required field, but its not clear that is true for a PUT.



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3 replies

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the web front end calls



with {"primary_organization" … }


but i cannot call that.

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Hi @donbowman, I’m getting one of our internal API experts to take a look at your question. Hang tight!

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@donbowman this is a known limitation. I has to do with the data structure between People and Company records. Within the UI, the Company Name appears as a field on the on the Person record. However, it’s actually related record, which is more complex than updating a text  field on a record.

You will need to use the related items endpoint to remove the relation (People and Company) and then add the new relation.