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We are looking for a telephony solution that is compatible with Copper. 
Our goal is that incoming calls are immediately synchronised with Copper and our employees know who is contacting us. 
A telephony partner in Switzerland recommended Innovaphone to us. Unfortunately, there is no standardised API interface from Copper for this yet. Are there any plans for this? Or could you recommend something else that would work in Switzerland?

Thanks for an answer.

Kind regards, Rolf

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Any chance Dialpad works in Switzerland?

We've tried RingCentral + JustCall + Aircall and have been most impressed with Dialpad.

We've also built a custom Copper + Dialpad integration so what you're describing is definitely possible with the Dialpad API.

If it doesn't work in Switzerland, I'd recommend checking out Aircall or JustCall since they integrate with Copper (just not as good of a UI/UX as Dialpad and a bit less feature-rich around the AI summarization side of things).

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Hi @rolf.messerli! I recommend our JustCall integrationJustCall is available in Switzerland. With the integration, your calls and SMS messages are logged automatically in Copper. And you can also start calls and texts from within Copper. They offer a 14-day trial, so you can sign up with them and try out the integration.

@alex mentioned Dialpad - we actually have an integration with them as well. And they are also available in Switzerland, and offer a free trial.

We also integrate with Aircall and RingCentral. Aircall has coverage in Switzerland. RingCentral just made itself available in Switzerland very recently.

To be honest, I like the JustCall integration the most because it supports text messages and is easy to set up and use. So I recommend that as a starting point in your search. If there’s a specific integration feature you’re looking for, feel free to let us know!