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Hi, first time user of this community.   We filter leads and upload them into our e-mail rhythm software often and suddenly hit a glitch on Friday where we get a message on Copper that we are not logged in to the software (Persist), which we are.   We have done a lot of troubleshooting and can’t resolve this problem.   Any suggestions?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 10 May 2022, 15:16

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Hi @DaveBurris, welcome to the Copper Community! 😊

This sounds like something you should troubleshoot 1:1 with our technical support team. I’m going to put them in touch with you. While I do that, can you confirm if my understanding is correct? :

  1. You’re using PersistIQ for emailing
  2. You connected PersistIQ to Copper using Copper’s native integration, and it was working until Friday.
  3. On Friday, it stopped working and Copper told you were were not logged into PersistIQ even though you were

Thanks Dave!

Hi Michelle, that is correct.  Thank you!


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@DaveBurris great, you’ll get an email from our support system and then one from a technical support rep. I’ve forwarded them your original message as well as all those details you clarified.

Feel free to post again if you have any other questions 🙂 For quick answers you can also use the chat button in our web app.

Thanks Dave!

Note to visitors: if you are receiving an error message with your Copper <> PersistIQ integration, contact our technical support team using the in-app chat or by filling out this form.