Shopify, Zappier, and Copper

  • 21 April 2022
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I rally want to transfer my customer information, orders, and data from Shopify to copper using Zappier integration.

I keep having problems with client profiles not being transferred., only email integration have worked,  and I need my client data to be integrated to create leads. 




2 replies

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Hi @Celine-NH

Can you elaborate a little bit more what you expect from the workflow. Zapier is able to catch a new customer and Zapier can create new Customers in Copper. A more advanced setup with Zapier can also avoid the creation of duplicates and update Copper from new info in Shopify. 

I guess you are looking for a solution that any client who buys via Shopify will be created in Copper in order to initiate marketing activities. This can be done with Zapier using the New Customer trigger from Shopify plus Create Copper Company/People Action. Also updates and orders can be managed in Copper using Zapier to create a 360 view on your customer activity in one place. 

Instead building/maintaining/monitoring your Zaps yourself you can also outsource everything. offers these workflows as a service in a subscription model. Please check out the website and book a free consultancy slot here to discuss. 

Hope this helps,


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Hi @Celine-NH, thanks for posting! @Jaco Koppelaar put it nicely - there’s a lot you can do with Copper + Zapier + Shopify, but we’ll need a bit more information in order to help you.

Would you mind describing what information you would like transferred and also when? And if you already have a Zap set up - perhaps you could post some screenshots?

As Jaco mentioned, you also have the option to have someone build/maintain the connection for you. Jaco/ is a trusted Copper services partner for those sorts of integration services. 👍