Rationale for no Source on People?

  • 4 September 2021
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The Lead record has a Source (which is a list of options).

However, the Person record does not.

What’s the rationale for this? When I convert a Lead to a Person, I lose this information. Its also something i’m confused of as i integrate w/ Mautic.

If I create a ‘custom field’ on Person for Source, it doesn’t have an option to track the sources list (which is another table).

All i can find in the user guide is: “There is no 'Source' field on a person or company record, so if you create an opportunity from scratch that's related or unrelated to a person or company record, you'll want to fill in the source field manually.”

So… What’s the rationale for this, how do i keep the source info present as i promote a lead?



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