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  • 14 November 2022
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Hi Team,


I am an IT consultant engaged by Focus on the Family Australia, to look into a few IT related issues.

An issue i would like to chat to you about is that our data, in terms of donar receipts is no longer being populated in Copper.   Our finance package is quick books online.  
One user of the system suggested that the app Zapier was used to link the 2 systems together.  
Would you be able to look at our setup and tell me what the issue is?


Thank you



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Hi @sdenny, thanks for posting!

When you say your data is no longer being populated into Copper - can I ask how it was being populated originally? It sounds like you might not be sure, and you’re trying to figure that out and then fix it?

Zapier is a common tool used to link Copper with other platforms. However, I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether you or another user previously set that up on your Copper account.

As a first step, I would recommend asking around your organization if anyone has set up any sort of Copper <> Quickbooks integration using Zapier, Make, or perhaps another automation tool. Best case scenario, they say yes and have access to that tool and the original integration (which they can fix or turn back on). If not, you may need to just build a new integration using Zapier. If you need advice on how to do that, I or the support team can help. But as a first step, try to find out where that original integration was built, because if it’s broken it’s better to fix it up than to build a new and potentially conflicting one.