Plans to Enhance Connect Fields?

  • 6 June 2023
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The Connect Fields that Copper introduced are really interesting and we have found some good internal use cases. However, they really only serve as glorified navigation tools at this point.

I think to really unlock the potential of these fields, there are a number of other things that would need to happen to get the most out of them. Are there plans to do any of the following:

  • Allowing Exporting of Connect field
  • Allowing Importing or Bulk updates
  • Enable API access through tools such as Zapier

4 replies

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While not super ideal, you can use the Webhook functionality in Zapier along with the Dev API endpoint for connect fields to make them work:

That said, Zapier is beta testing something called “App Extensions” which will essentially allow you to create your own endpoint (e.g. Copper Connect Field):

All of this of course is a bit more advanced, so it depends on how technical you are.

Regarding your first 2 points though, curious as well 🤔


EDIT: (Figured I’d just share it here, this is what it’d look like (I’m pretty sure, haven’t fully tested it yet)

Zapier App Extensions Beta


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Hi @Jagatelife, thanks for posting! I can absolutely understand where you’re coming from - connect fields are great for visibility and navigation, but do certainly have some limitations.

For exporting connect fields - this is something that’s supported if you’re exporting directly out of Copper (as opposed to through our Google Sheets Add-on). Each connection direction exports as two columns: one for the name of the records it connects to, and one for the record IDs. So if I have a pair of People-to-People connect fields called “Manager of” and “Managed by,” my export sheet will have columns for Manager of people names, Manager of people ids, Managed by people names, and Managed by people ids.

For importing connect fields - we don’t currently have any timeline for that feature.

As for API access through Zapier, we don’t have any development planned for that in the near term. But @alex has a good suggestion that might be worth exploring, especially since you asked specifically about Zapier.

Hope that helps!

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@Michelle from Copper Thanks for the comments. Are there any plans to enable this data being available with the Google Sheets Add-On? 

@alex Appreciate this tip! Glad there is an option, but that is a lift!

Agree completely and I would add reporting of connect fields in dashboards and insights.