Passing Company Information to Opportunity Record

  • 27 September 2022
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My objective is to pass Country information on the Company record to an Opportunity at time of creation.  I attempted to follow the steps outlined in the help article to pass information from Person to Company, but I am getting an error.

The Zap Set-up Action image shows my configuration. 

Zap Field Update is the single update I am trying to make.

Zap Error shows the data that is trying to be passed and the error I am getting.  It is showing as Record not found, which I assume to be the Company record, but I could be incorrect.

I have tried a few different configurations in the Set-up Action but cannot seem to get an combo to work.  Thanks for the help!



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3 replies

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Hi @Jagatelife, thanks for posting!

To take a step back, can I confirm that your Zap looks like this?

And it looks like your error is coming from step 2 Update Opportunity in Copper.

Based on your screenshot, it looks like your step 2 says:

  • Look for an Opportunity whose Name matches the Opportunity’s Company’s Name
  • Then grab that Company’s Country and populate it into the custom field

Based on that, the Opportunity Name and Company Name would have to exactly exactly match for your Zap to work. I believe that is what’s causing your issue.

Generally though, I recommend matching by ID where possible. This is more precise and eliminates problems if you ever have multiple Opportunities with the same name.

You can make that edit at the top of Step 2’s set up:


Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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I apologize, I am really rapidly learning Copper right now.

My misstep was for the Action step in the Event field.  I chose Update Opportunity and I should have picked Update Opportunity by ID.  When I switched that it worked.  Thanks for helping me work through this!

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@Jagatelife great, glad you were able to work through it! Feel free to post again if something else comes up.

I’m going to mark your most recent response as Best Answer so that other folks can see how you worked through it. 👍