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  • 16 December 2022
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In the Old MailChimp integration I exported the contacts from Copper into MC and then those flowed into my mailstream.

In the NEW integration, I was almost set up and realized that it appears that it is going to sync ALL of my Copper contacts with/into MC.  If this is what happens,  it will basically triple my audience count in MC and explode my MC cost.   Is my thinking correct?


How can I control what emails get moved from Copper to MC





Best answer by Michelle from Copper 19 December 2022, 17:34

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7 replies

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Hi @shades, thanks for posting! You are correct; the new Mailchimp integration helps you sync all your contacts. Selecting specific contacts to sync is something our team is looking into.

At this time, I don’t have any direct workaround or solution to offer you. If you’d like us to keep you updated, please leave an upvote in this Idea thread so that we can @mention you on any updates. Thank you so much @shades!

Hi Michelle,

By the way, your MC Integration video was helpful.  Cause I’m a little slow and because I set up the old MC integration 5 years ago, my recollection was that I could select individual contacts from Copper to automatically upload/sync into MC.  In the words of Mark McGuire, am I “misremembering.” 


AND, can I set up the new integration to only be one-way with changes in MC reflected in Copper but not the other way around?  

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@shades I’m going to reach out to you about a new feature we have on our Mailchimp integration. Look out for an email from me. :)

don’t bother we dumped MC.


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@shades ah in that case you can disregard that email that I sent. Thanks for the heads up! Did you move over to a different emailing solution?

Yes mam.  We moved to another platform.  Mailchimp price increases were obscene for not great value.

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@shades  Which email tool did you end up choosing, and does it integrate well with Copper?