Missing user Ids in activities

  • 2 September 2022
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I have a couple of activities in which user_id is null and this value should be populated with our user. 

Activitiy Id 9642214064, could someone help me?

This action was a mail from one of our users to an external client. 

UserId should contain the our user that performed the action

This is the response from the API



"id": 9642214064,

"parent": {

"id": 139141092,

"type": "person"


"type": {

"id": 6,

"category": "system"


"details": {

"sender": {

"name": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",

"email": "xxxxxxxxxx"


"recipients": [


"name": "xxxxx",

"email": "xxxxxxx"



"subject": "RE: xxxxxxx",

"id": 1033568489


"activity_date": 1659107484,

"date_created": 1659110386,

"date_modified": 1659107484




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Hi @GrowDev, thanks for posting! Since this is about a specific API call, I’m going to put you in touch with our technical team. They’ll be in a better position to help you troubleshoot. You’ll get an email from our system shortly, followed by a response from a product expert. Thanks GrowDev!