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  • 13 January 2022
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My company runs an on-premise MS Exchange email service. Does Copper support an email sync for IMAP/SMTP like it does for Google Gsuite?

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3 replies

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@JimPellerin Unfortunatly I don’t see a direct option. Copper is primarily developed around the Google Workspace platform. A potential option would be to replicate all your email traffic to a Google Account (configure incoming rules and auto BCC on your exchange server or outlook client). But this doesn’t give you all the benefits of sending managing calendar and tasks directly from Copper. So my honest recommendation is to move to Google Workspace and then gain all the benefits from Copper CRM.  

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Hi @JimPellerin, as @Jaco Koppelaar mentioned Copper is really built for Google Workspace. You do have the option of adding an auto-bcc; this would help you sync outbound emails into your Copper system. However, it wouldn’t sync inbound emails. Additionally, you wouldn’t have access to some of our key features such as the Chrome Extension, automatic Calendar syncing, sending emails from within Copper, etc.

OK. Thanks for the replies but unfortunately it’s not going to work.