Method to pop open embeddded app iframe in the action bar

  • 18 November 2022
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Hi there,


We are trying to embed our phone dialer inside Copper UI via embeddded app. However we could not find any method to pop-up the iframe from action bar. We did found the showActionBar key in setAppUI() method but its only applicable when the page is loaded for the first time. What we are looking for is the functionality to pop open iframe from action bar on demand.

This will helpful in cases where the user will click on the number and we will pop-open the iframe from action bar, or while receiving an inbound calls.

3 replies

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Hi @JustCall Tech, thanks for posting! Looks like you are with JustCall and are working on the native integration? Please confirm and I can put you in touch with someone internally, since this forum is more for customers. Thank you!

@Michelle from Copper thanks for the prompt reply. Yes we are working to improve our native integration. It will helpful if you can connect us to the right folks.


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@JustCall Tech I’ll be in touch over email!