Merge data with form fields to Word or GoogleDocs?

  • 9 August 2022
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Hello!  Can I create templates in Word or GoogleDocs with merge fields from Copper without having to export to excel first?  I’m looking to set up contract and proposal templates - hoping I don’t have to add another third party download to do this.


Thank you!


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Hi @MHPhilly 

Yes, there are options: you can use Zapier to create an integration that creates a new document from a gDoc template. The Zap script can replace the tags in your document with values from Copper and store the document in a desired folder. You can also extend the script with creating a task in Copper for review or directly send the document to your client. 


If you don't want to setup your own Zapier account, you might have a look at three60 workflow. Three60 offers integrations like this as a managed service. 


Hope this helps.

Jaco Koppelaar

Thank you @Jaco Koppelaar

Could you help me find a zapper solution to Googledocs? I searched and could only find a solution to sheets. I'm new to this (obviously).  I really appreciate your help!

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Hi @MHPhilly

Check out this page from Zapier aside from this you can use Formatter by Zapier to replace the tags in your gDoc template by the fields from Copper.  

You can also schedule a chat with three60 to discover the benefits of having your integrations run as a managed service. 


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@MHPhilly Thanks for posting! @Jaco Koppelaar is correct - you can use Zapier to send data into a Google Docs template. We have a step-by-step guide to this which I’ll link below.

I highly recommend taking a look at it!