merge companies using API

  • 4 November 2021
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I asked how to merge leads. It seems there is no answer.

I now have this requirement for companies.


I really need an answer here, the duplicates are causing trouble and it will be exceptionally time consuming to go through 15k companies and merge using the web ui.


So, is there a way to merge companies?


Otherwise my workaround will be to write some api integration to 

for each company

 for each duplicate

  find all leads & people using duplicate, update to company

  delete duplicate


which will be an intensive set of api operations.

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2 replies

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Hi @donbowman, I’m not able to answer this question so I’ll ping someone who has knowledge of our API for you. Sit tight!

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Hi @donbowman, we looked into it and the same limitation you asked about for merging Leads with the API also applies to Companies. Unfortunately we don't have a workaround for it at this time. You're absolutely welcome to post this as an Idea so that our product team can take a look.