Mailchimp two-way sync?

  • 10 June 2021
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I understand that in the native Mailchimp integration I can only push contacts from Copper to Mailchimp. What’s my best option to do two-way syncing so that contacts can flow in both directions?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 11 June 2021, 15:30

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UPDATE May 2022: We have a new native 2-way Mailchimp integration! Now you can automatically sync contacts between Copper and Mailchimp - no importing, Zapier, or third-party connection required. Read about it here!

That's right - our native integration with Mailchimp only supports pushing contacts from Copper to Mailchimp. If you need it to go in the other direction (2-way sync), you'll have to go with one of these options:
  1. Use the 2-way sync connector built by our partner - pricing and info is available on this page
  2. Use Zapier or another connector tool to build your own integration. The pricing for Zapier can be found here. Note, this solution requires a bit of setup in Zapier.
  3. Build an API connection between Copper and Zapier. This would involve getting a developer to code something for you.
I recommend you check out option #1 first and see if it fits your needs. The connections built by tend to be very reliable and easy to use, and their support is pretty good.
I hope that helps!
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@ML_Toronto you may also want to check out the 2-way Copper-Mailchimp integration by Outfunnel (full disclosure: I am co-founder). It lets you:

  • Sync contacts defined by tags, contact type or lead status from Copper to Mailchimp with all the necessary fields and custom fields
  • Sync new MailChimp subscribers from MailChimp to Copper (not update MailChimp edits in Copper though)
  • Record email opens, unsubscribes, etc in Copper and even calculate lead scores
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Thanks so much @Andrus, I’ll check it out!

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Thank you for the recommendation @Michelle from Copper!

@ML_Toronto - three60 Connect solves the problem of keeping data in sync without any hassle of setup, testing and maintenance.

With our do-all service, coupled with years of experience with Copper and Mailchimp, we’ll get you there more faster, cost-effectively and in a way that works for your people.

For more info, pricing and promo details head to this page.